Alabama traffic and speeding ticket testimonials for The Smith Law Firm

We needed legal advice regarding an Alabama traffic violation and reached out to Attorney Reggie Smith. Reggie listened to us, reviewed the facts, explained the Laws of the State of Alabama and helped us understand our options. Reggie explained what we could expect with each step of the legal process and we experienced no surprises as a result, everything happened exactly the way he said it would! He communicated clearly and followed up with us frequently. Reggie was a pleasure to work with and helped us manage a difficult situation with ease. I appreciate his skills and guidance and highly recommend him for your needs!
Sincerely and Thank You,
Jim, Atlanta, Georgia

Simply put Reggie smith is responsive and competent. I found him much easier to work with than the large law firms. His prices are great. Leslie – Ohio

If you ever find yourself in the state of Alabama and your left foot becomes a little too aggressive, your first call needs to be to Reggie. His services are first rate, comprehensive, efficient, and very fair. Godspeed Reggie and keep up the excellent work!! Best Regards, Ellis – North Carolina

My daughter was in real trouble with a traffic ticket for speeding at nearly 100 mph and close to reckless driving.  She tried to find a lawyer thru the internet, but only got ‘robocalls’ and automated responses.  I contacted Mr. Reggie Smith because I was concerned about my daughter’s upcoming hearing (I live in a different state).  Mr. Smith took my call from his cell phone and I didn’t have to negotiate thru an automated system or a bunch of secretaries.  We reached a deal on the phone and I sent him the retainer.  Over the course of the next month Mr. Smith was responsive to each of my and my daughter’s inquiries.  He was on time for her hearing and struck a reasonable deal with the prosecutor.  I am very satisfied with Mr. Smith’s services and highly recommend him.  PS – he did all of this within his initial cost estimate.  Steve – Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Attorney Smith was fantastic with our citation. Our daughter received it traveling back to Tuscaloosa. It was a seamless process and he saved us a ton of money by handling it. I would highly recommend using him.
Sincerely I am,
Rick – Wake Forest, NC

From the time Attorney Reggie Smith answered my call he was on top of my case and had my ticket reduced to nonmoving violation within no time. Steve – Las Vegas

God really worked through Attorney Smith and appreciate everything that he done. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Truly believe he is a God fearing man that is lead by faith. He made things possible by the grace of God that seemed impossible to the naked eye. We thank you.  Flora – Alabama

I got my speeding ticket while vacationing in Alabama. I live in Florida, so I enlisted the help of Attorney Smith. He gave me clear instruction as to what steps should be taken and the matter was settled shortly. He is personable and I also felt confident that I’m in good hands. Thank you.
Mika – Miami Beach

Mr. Smith did a fantastic job defending me for my speeding ticket. In addition to helping me reduce my speeding ticket from aggravated speeding to simple speeding, he also obtained a youthful offender finding–which is very helpful in dealing with insurance. Mr. Smith was always kind and helpful; he replied to my emails very quickly and answered all of the questions I had before my court date. I highly recommend his services.
Sydney- a University of Alabama Student from Dallas, TX

Thanks to Attorney Smith my speeding ticket in Alabama was dropped . This charge was handled and taken care of in less than a week! Efficient and kind help is on your side with The Smith Law Firm.
Best, Marina

Mr. Smith,
I wanted to let you know that you have exceeded my expectations.  I hope not to need your services again, but would definitely call you first.
Thank you very much,

Thank You Reggie.
Appreciate all your help.

Great! Thank you so much! You’re amazing.

Thank you so much for all of your help in this matter! I will be sure to recommend you.
Thanks again,

I want to thank you very much for helping me out with this situation.  Throughout the process you have been very responsive to my needs.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you,

Dear Mr. Smith,
Thank you very much for all of your help.

Thanks Reggie…..FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Thank you very much….

Great news, thanks for your help.

Mr. Smith –I appreciate all of your help very much!

Mr Smith
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.   I am spreading the good news about your fine services whenever I hear about someone that you can help.  Again, thanks for everything and best wishes to you.

A  great outcome. Thank you again.  I am very grateful.

Mr. Smith
I want to express my deepest gratitude for all what you did to help me to resolve this issue. I am feeling so relieved knowing my insurance will not go up. Thank you again for everything!

Thank you for your help in resolving this matter.  I am very pleased with the outcome.

Thank you so much! You dont know how much I appreciate your help. You will definitely have my recommendation if and when I or my friends travel through Alabama in the future!

Mr. Smith,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in this matter. You have been very professional and responsive. The outcome was better that I expected.
South Carolina

Thank you for your help with this matter. I will recommend you to others.

Thanks for your service. I have referred you to one of my friends in regard your legal service and I will continue doing this.
North Carolina

Thanks Reggie
I will give you a call the next time I need you.

Thank you very much for the attention that you gave to my son’s traffic ticket. It has been a pleasure. Now I need you to work on my ticket!
New York

Mr. Smith,
I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for all of your efforts and time which you spent on this matter. The fine was reduced, and although that is welcomed news, even far greater news is the fact that it will not appear on my driving record! That was my primary objective in seeking your services. Thanks again for a great job!

Thank you Reggie, i appreciate your help.

Thank you very much for the work you did for me. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who gets a ticket. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much, I cannot tell you what a help you’ve been. I will definitely contact you if I ever need legal assistance again .

Excellent results! Thank you for your professional assistance with my out-of-state ticket. I would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. You saved me time and money!

Thanks for everything Mr. Smith! Excellent job! We’ll follow your below directions immediately.
South Dakota

Thank you so much for your time and working on this. I really appreciate you saving me that money, budget is tight! Thanks thanks and more thanks! Have a great day!

Thank you for the follow up. If I have ANY future needs, I will make sure to contact you.

Wow, thank you! I hope I behave myself and don’t need your assistance, but I will recommend you to anyone having ticket issues.

God bless you and thanks for telling me so soon.

Thank You for your services. I will certainly recommend you in the future.

Thanks a lot! I have spread the news about your services to our circle!

Thank you very much Reggie for taking care of this matter for me, I really appreciate it.